All About Our Sequins Wall

When you’re attending a fancy event, you want to glimmer and sparkle Sequins Wall. This is even truer if the venue has coloured lights, like a night club. Or if there’s lots of flash photography, like a press conference or awards gala. In both these settings, reflective clothing catches the light and makes you more attractive. You’ll photograph better too, and the camera will seek you out more.

This same concept can be applied to corporate settings. Instead of using the traditional media wall as your red-carpet backdrop, have you tried sequins? Their shiny lure will draw event attendees, so even the shy ones among them will be more likely to pose for the camera. This matters because those photos are a great source of marketing material, and they offer free publicity. Pro tip: include a disclaimer in your event ticket so you don’t get sued later.

Glitter and Pizzazz

Our sequin walls come in a variety of colours, so aside from using them as an eye-catching but un-patterned backdrop, you could mix the colours to spell out your brand name or logo. Keep it simple though. Technically, if consumers’ eyes are drawn to the background message rather than the foreground model, it works in your favour. But if your models and (celebrity) attendees think they’ll be overshadowed by a wall, they may be less eager to pose in front of it.

The primary material for our 30mm sequins is a film of metallised polymer, but we have other alternatives too. Each sequin is attached by hand to a blackboard, with each board being 30cm by 30cm. This square-foot board supports 100 real sequins, and the board itself is easily cut into shapes of your choice. If you’d rather attach your sequins on your own, that’s possible, but if you want them ready-made, freestanding, or other customised designs, we can discuss that too.

Quick Assembly, Quick Delivery

When you make your order with tailored colours, we can craft and ship your panels within a week. Sequin baseboards work just as well indoors or outside. In other settings (e.g. fabric and accessories), sequins are generally attached with heat pressing or cheap, unsightly blobs of glue. Not ours. At Wild Cow Visuals, we mould the sequins onto the baseboard so they look neat and polished, keeping the point of adhesion clean and barely visible.

The back-boards themselves are interlocking and easy-to-use, so, just as an example, you can combine 49 boards to fill up a 2.1m by 2.1m space. You can then mount your sequin wall onto an existing building, or drape into onto independent frames we have available. This works better if you want a 360° display that can be viewed from all over your venue. You can also point strategically choreographed lighting at your sequin wall, for maximum effect. And since each sequin is carefully attached by hand, you can re-use your sequin wall for quite some time without losing any glittery pieces.

For glittering walls that light up your entire corporate display, call Wild Cow Visual today on 1300 087 355

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