Bali Vs Bunting Flags

Having the right tools in your display toolbox will give you more options when it comes time setting up your display. Media walls, banners, and flags will give your advertising display setup an edge and attract attention to your business.

It’s best to take a holistic approach when designing and setting up your display and each element should complement one another. Flags are a great way to add colour and depth to your display, and they can also be used to direct the flow of traffic to your business. In this post, we will take a look at Bali flags and bunting flags and how to use them effectively, so you can put your best foot forward with your advertising efforts.

Bali Flags

Bali flags are a great way to add colour and attract attention to your display. They are also known as feather flags and come in various sizes up to 5m high. They are great to use for outdoor exhibitions because they are self-standing and can be stuck straight into the ground and don’t require a solid point to be fixed to.

Try using multiple Bali flags parallel to each other to create a fun and exciting walkway to your display. The bright colours and tunnel-like walkway will pique the interest of passers-by and guide them into your stall.

Bali flags can be used to add depth and volume to your display. Place them around the entrance way and stagger them throughout the front to give your display a three-dimensional appeal and visually engage your customers. Bali flags flap around in the breeze and the static movement will attract attention and add another visually appealing element.

Bunting Flags

Bunting flags consist of multiple smaller flags attached to a rope and will need to be fixed between two solid points. They are great for directing traffic and fencing off certain areas. I would also suggest using bunting flags around the awning of your entrance way to frame your display. They will add vibrancy, colour, and movement.

Also, beware not to go overboard when using bunting flags. Using too many will make your display look busy and will make it look overcrowded. If you are using them as fencing, put in gaps to free up access and guide traffic to your stall.

Bali flags and bunting flags are a great way to give your display some life and colour. There are no set rules on how to use them. Our advice is to experiment and have fun with it. They are both great tools for attracting attention to your business or expo display.

Why not use both and play around with it until you find something that works? Use Bali flags around the entrance way and then drape some bunting flags from the awning. Having both types of flags in your display arsenal will give you all the ammunition you need to create an exciting and engaging display to gain the attention of potential customers. Browse our website for some inspiration or contact us directly, so we can offer friendly advice and steer you in the right direction when it comes to your display needs at Wild Cow Visual.

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