Mesh Banners

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Mesh Banners are quick and easy to install. Mesh banners fencing is yet another versatile way of promoting products and services right where the action is. Perfect for construction site fences as the mesh banner material lets the air through so the fence doesn’t blow over. Also popular with sports meets, community events and promotional activities. Easily and quickly installed. Easily folded, washable and requires minimal storage space.

We have two different grades of banner mesh each serves its own purpose:

  • PVC Vinyl Mesh – 12 x 12 Weave Mesh / 280gsm

PVC vinyl mesh banners offer heavy duty 280gsm PVC coated quality and strength when it comes to outdoor branding. It has a tighter weave mesh 12 x 12 , therefore is the thicker or denser fabric and provides the greatest UV block-out capability and is less transparent for privacy, finishing with welded edges and eyelets.

PVC vinyl mesh can be printed up to 1.8m x 50m rolls or customised into any conceivable height, length, shape or size; From Fencing to Staging, from Walls to entire Buildings. Ideal for a sharp finish over larger distances, while being cost effective and long life.

  • Poly Mesh Fabric – 130gsm

Poly mesh fabric is the ‘lightest’ substrate in the range.  130gsm Polyester Fabric featuring an ultra vibrant 1200dpi high definition latex or dye sublimation print. Poly mesh fabric designed with ease of installation given the flexibility of the fabric; meaning the media stays strong and tight no matter the conditions of the application. Optional finishing with eyelets or hemming edges. Mesh banners are available in a variety of heights and can be printed up to 50 metres in length.