Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are a powerful, yet quick and easy advertising tool, because of their ability to create instant impact. Our full colour vinyl banners deliver your message with little fuss and little cost. They can be used indoors or out, and can be supplied finishes with ropes , eyelets, sleeves and rope track

Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited size options
  • Vibrant colour reproduction
  • Single or double-sided
  • Screen or digital print
  • Multiple finishing options available


Banner Finishing Options

Grommets are rust-proof metal eyelets, which are applied around the edges of the banner after printing to reinforce the banner and allow it to be tied. Grommets are punched into a banner 500mm apart at the top of the banner and every 1000mm apart at the bottom of the banner.


Pole Pockets
If you are looking to display your banner using poles, you’ll most likely need pole pockets. Pole pockets can be added to any side of the banner. The banner material is folded over the back side of the banner, similar to hems, but enough room left for a pole to go through the pocket. Pole pockets allow for rigid poles to be inserted along the edges of the banner.


Wind Slits
Banners that are mounted outdoors in very windy areas benefit from the addition of wind slits. These are horseshoe shaped flaps cut into blank areas of the banner, which allow wind to pass through, reducing tension and possible deterioration of the banner. Wind ‘holes’ in large banners are required when the banner is exposed to wind on both sides.


Folded Edge
In cases where budget is a consideration, banner mesh can be finished with a folded edge. Approximately 4cm of the edge is doubled over and welded to itself. It is the least effective edge finishing. We strongly urge not to use this edging method in high wind areas or when the mesh needs to be in place for long periods. There is a strong likelihood of grommets coming away from the edging.