Display Options for Your Next Expo

Taking your business out to an expo and having your own stand is an absolute blast. It’s a chance to put your business on display in a whole new way and can invigorate the sales team, as well as drive leads to your business, and check out the competition at the same time! Designing your next expo display is a process that is months in the making. To get it just right, you need to be on top of your game well in advance, doing up the design and then putting in your orders to make sure that everything is ready to go well in advance.

Let’s take a closer look at our display options for exhibitions.

3m x 3m booth

The first thing that you’ll need for your expo displayis a back wall. We have back walls with slim, portable fabric that come in under 3m, either in a regular rectangular style, with a cutout design at the top and sides for a bit of shape, or even a wall that curves around the sides too.

Pair your back wall with some sides if you wish, as well as internal stand up banners, a desk, temporary shelving, a podium, table and chairs or more – all branded of course.

3m x 6m booth

When you have a longer booth, you have a little more space to play with, which means you can incorporate more elements not only into your walls but the floor space, too. Choose back walls with various heights to make your booth more interesting to the eye. At the front, you can even add an inflatable arch to really get things kicking.

Over 6m

The world is really your oyster here; you have so much space to play with. You can create various “zones” within your display, perhaps one zone for introducing people to your product or service, an area for sales, an area for refreshments or to chill out? Make sure that your business looks appealing to people walking past – since there are always customers milling around! You’ll have plenty of room for product demos, etc. too. Think about installing a flooring element for a more substantial expo space, as it makes for a better-branded look.

Wild Cow Visuals can help you to create any look that you could dream of for your expo display space. We can make not only your walls and banners but stands and other elements too. Enquire today about how we can help your business achieve success at your next expo, or if you have a particular style in mind then send through for a quote.

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