Dynamic LED Displays

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Dynamic LED Media Display is the unique combination of LED lighting, printed graphics and motion programming that dynamically attract greater consumer attention to your product, brand and message with Wild Cow Visual stunning Dynamic LED display. Perfect media for delivering high impact advertising message for fashion, branding, retails or other products at POP (point of purchase). Ultimate control of light and colour allows you to create the most powerful visual impact and to draw maximum attention to your brand.

Engaging Experiences

Dynamic LED media display combines LEDs, printed graphics and motion programming hence to create a high-impact display for brand awareness. The eye-catching media graphic that using motion and lighting where you want them, most of all it connects people to brands by using visual effect.


We provide custom-printed fabric graphic & custom-programmed lighting effects. The dynamic LED media display is simple to assemble using just ALLEN KEY, the frames link together to create seamless solutions for a variety of booth sizes.

Project Versatility

The dynamic LED media display use in freestanding or wall-mounted applications according to your needs. The LED technology is lightweight, energy efficient and quick to install. Collaborate with Wild Cow Visual to change your animation program and/or fabric graphic as often as you wish, ideal for events, showrooms, retails, as well as exhibition display & trade show stands.

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The dynamic LED Media Display have a backlighting system that makes uses of modules placed on the back of the fabric that can be programmed according to the visual effect required. The programming of the dynamic lightboxes can be changed based on the design featured on the fabric and the elements to be highlighted.
Our dynamic LED media display are custom built to size to provide the perfect backlit illuminated signage solution to suit your advertsing space.