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  • Our new Stretch Fabric Display Counters is an amazingly clever design that compacts down into a small carry case but pops out to form a perfect exhibition counter in just seconds. Ideal for use at events, exhibitions, trade shows and promotions, in-store product demonstrations or wherever the need for a quick and easy to assemble display table arises.

    Our  Slimline Info Desk Counter. Portable and lightweight, the counter can be assemble quickly on location. Great for trade shows, events, airports, lobbies, shopping malls or any location where you need to provide information, display products and literature or filling out paperwork. This Info Desk counter is made from durable aluminium frame tubing, laminated counter tops  and shelving, and dye sublimation graphic prints.

  • Available in 6 shapes counters also customise any shape and sizes info desk counter.


    60 x 60 x 100cm


    60 x 40 x 100cm


    80 x 53 x 100cm


    70 x 50 x 100cm


    Small 170W x 45D x 100cmH

    Medium 225W x 45D x 100cnH

    Large 260W x 45D x 100cmH


    Small 170W x 45D x 100cmH

    Medium 225W x 45D x 100cmH

    Large 260W x 45D x 100cmH


    300W x 290D x 100cmH

    • Non-reflective, full-colour fabric graphics
    • Easy to assemble requiring no tools
    • Lightweight, sturdy and durable
    • PE moulded counter top and base
  • Every Display Counters package comes complete with:

    – Aluminum Frame, Counter Top and Base
    – Fabric Graphic Print
    – A carry bag

  • Using Templates:

    Guidelines Click Here 

    It is highly recommended that you use a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator to setup artwork. This ensures that the designer can view layers and guide lines within the templates for proper artwork placement.

    Triangle Oval Rectangle Round Bar