Everything You Need to Know About Our Slimline Backlit Media Wall Display

As you may already know, media walls are excellent display options commonly used during different events like red carpets, conferences, or even used as the backdrop for an exhibition stand. At Wild Cow Visual, there are various options of media walls available. One of these classic media walls is the slimline backlit media wall display.

With a 43mm aluminium pipe profile and strategically positioned LED lights not only, makes it highly portable but intensifies your bright backlit display to enhance your visuals to its full potential further. You have the benefits of access, ease of transport and quality all in one.

What’s in it For You?

Before you put your money into to this, you want to be sure of what you will get in return in terms of benefit, the specifications, and lifespan of the backlit display. Wild Cow Visual has designed the Slimline backlit to ensure you get the most out of your display. All the accessories, kits and the exceptional specifications that made this possible. Just sit back, read this piece to find what the backlit display is made of and how you stand to gain.

Size is Never a Problem

One of the great factors that put Wild Cow Visual above board in the world of media walls is the dynamic way the company operates. Attention to detail defines every product made by the company. The slimline backlit display is not an exception to this. Available in different sizes and add on accessories, you are sure to find the perfect display.

Current available sizes include:






A Specification Like No Other

The display size of the backlit is 800mm W x 2280mm H. That’s huge; isn’t it? In civil engineering, they say, how long a structure will last depends largely on the strength and quality of the material used in building it. Wild Cow Visual understands this well, and this is why a dye-sublimation stretch fabric is used in making the product. The carton weight of the product is about 28 kg.

Kits, Accessories, and Warranty: All For You

As you buy Slimline Backlit media wall display, the kits you will get include a slimline frame, a travel bag and a single-sided graphic print that is wrinkle resistant and made of fabric. You will also have a solid one year warranty on hardware. In addition to this, you can attach some add-on accessories to the backlit display, such as a table cover, a counter or a shelf.

It’s time!

No doubt, you now know some great facts about our slimline backlit media wall display. However, there is much more to experience once you get one and have real-time involvement in how useful it really is

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