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Wild Cow Visual offers a wide variety of flags such as printed custom flags, teardrop flag, street flags, feather flags and promotional flags in Australia to help you advertise your event in an eye-catching and easy to see & recognise by passersby.


If you are planning to market your brand in an expo, custom flags or promotional flags are a good option to explore. Whenever a flag is mentioned, we immediately think of national flags. Flags are more than sheets of cloth hanging from a pole, they are a symbol of something greater. Flags represent an organized group of people, an ideology or a company. They have become popular and are used as a marketing strategy especially in expos and conventions. If you have been to any car expo, then you must have come across a teardrop flag or a feather flag. There are many types of custom flag and promotional flags in the market and choosing the right one for your next expo can make all the difference.


Teardrop flags are among the most widely used outdoor advertising options. The story behind the inception of this marketing option is quite peculiar but the usefulness of teardrop flags is certain. These flags are eye-catching and can take on full-colour print. The print can be single or double-sided. These flags are ideal for outdoor expos due to their wind resistance and portability. Another design that is not too different to the teardrop design is the feather flag. This design is ideal for outdoor use. It also forms the perfect signage for indoor expos. Their ability to rotate allows the flag to feather out with the wind ensuring your image is visible to everyone.


Bunting flags have been in use since the medieval times. They were popularly used in ceremonies and fairs. Currently, you cannot attend a trade fair without coming across buntings. Although they are primarily designed to serve an aesthetic purpose, they are also used to promote and advertise products. They are usually printed on both sides and hang from poles across an indoor or an outdoor space. In an expo, buntings top the list of marketing options due to their ability to draw attention. They are a good advertising option to push a brand. Due to their size, they are not ideal for ads with small fonts. For your next expo use buntings, they are sure to not only impress you but also all your potential clients.


Shop front flags are the best way to call attention to your store. They are semi-permanent and are easily visible to many people. Aside from being used in stores, they are popularly used in expos. If you are planning to do an indoor expo, you can have shop front flags set up on the columns of the hall you are in. For an outdoor promotional & advertising, you can utilise nearby buildings and posts. Shop front flags give a unique look to any outdoor or indoor event. Custom hand flags and car flags are also good options to explore if you are planning an expo. The beauty of these promotional flags is people get to keep them and this means your ad can reach their personal circles. For your next expo don t be afraid to explore flag options.