Get Creative with Inflatable Displays This Summer

Ok events crew teams! Summer is here, and it’s about to get busy. As you all know Summer is the season of events and not a weekend goes by where there is nothing on. So it’s time to start getting ready and getting your kit up to speed so that your display puts your business out there and ahead of the competition.

At Wild Cow Visual we realise the importance of having a big bold display that will draw people in and engage them while displaying your brand at its finest – so we have stocked up on inflatable displays to draw in the big crowds. Inflatable displays are huge and can be spotted a mile away and pique the interest of anyone within a 2-kilometre radius.

The Igloo

Unlike a real igloo, this one won’t melt in the hot summer sun. On the contrary, it will provide a place for people to take shelter from the heat and chill out in. The igloo is fully inflatable which makes it easy for transportation and it is big enough to house a small army. It’s the perfect addition to your display and will attract people to your setup and offer them a place to chill and charge their phone or rehydrate. The igloo also makes for a nice bar or even a silent disco. These are just a few ideas for the igloo, and we are sure that you could come up with some of your own.

The Polar Bear

Do you see a common theme here? Yes, that’s right, our inflatables are artic themed and are meant to bring the cool to your display in the Summertime. What’s cooler than a giant inflatable polar bear? Nothing. This bear is huge and stands about four metres high and six meters long. People will see it a mile away and come running to see the spectacle and engage you with questions about its origin. Bear in mind, of course; you will have your display set with your brand ready to field any of their questions and tell them about your business. It’s a showstopper that will have people in awe and add some fun to your next exhibition.

The Penguin

Not the bad penguin from the Batman series though. This penguin is a good guy, and it’s huge. This penguin stands four-metres-tall and will serve by your side at the next event. The penguin symbolises fun and will draw people into your display. You even hang some banners of your business logo to his flippers to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

When it comes time to get your display kit together for the busy Summer season maybe it’s time to add some fun with one our super large inflatables. There is no doubt in our minds that they will draw in the punters and have them congregating around your exhibition. So don’t be a stranger, contact us at Wild Cow Visual and we will gladly hook you up with all your display needs.

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