How to Design an Effective Media Wall for an Event

As a business, it is crucial for you to be present at as many exhibitions and trade shows as you can. It is critical to have an exhibition display that will stand out and create a lasting impression in order to attract attention from the attendees.

In this article, you will find 5 tips for an eye-catching exhibition display that will attract potential customers to your booth.


  1. Define Your Goals

Everything in life starts with planning and setting up a goal; designing an exhibition display is no exemption. Therefore, make specific goals about what you want to achieve with an exhibition display. Do you want to make more sales at a trade show, or you want to generate more leads? Do you intend to launch a new product and see what reactions or feedback you will get from the audience? Answering these questions is the start to defining your goals.


  1. Design the Exhibition Display for Your Audience

You should never forget who you are doing this for. Therefore, it’s vital that you define your target audience and do a little research about them. Find out what they respond to and what they like. You can then build the exhibition display from the clues you have about the people building it for.


  1. All About the Message

Think like you are creating a billboard. People who are just walking by will usually glance over a display system for no more than 8 seconds, so keep your message short and to the point. Simply put, creativity matters most here. The message should be clear and large enough so that everyone can read whether they are at a distance or just moving past the display.


  1. Graphics and Images

A great image can pass any complex message effectively and at a faster rate. You certainly need to find a powerful and relevant image that resonates. The image should also be optimally placed just like the text. This means that it should be placed in such a way that everyone can see it irrespective of whether they are at a distance or just moving past the exhibition display stand.



  1. Utilise the Power of Light

With bright lighting, your visitors can read your message clearly. You can also take advantage of lighting to highlight specific areas of the display using the slimline backlit led display. This effective display makes your text and graphics look vibrant and bring it to life.

It does not take much to have an effective display, it is all about the thought and display system you use.


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