How to Design an Eye-Catching Exhibition Stand

If you want to make a strong impression and stand out at a trade show, you need to create a wow factor for your exhibition stand. While you would have heard this countless time, it’s true – first impressions count when it comes to attracting traffic to your booth. It doesn’t matter if your company or business already has great service, or superior products if your exhibition stand isn’t eye-catching it can steer potential customers away from you and right into the hands of your opponents.

You need an eye-catching exhibition stand to attract visitors and achieve the results you want.

First, you need to define your reason for attending a trade show and what message it is you want to convey and communicate when you get there. Always keep these two goals in mind throughout the designing process.

The best exhibition stand on the planet still may not succeed if it doesn’t convey your businesses values, image and product or service capabilities. You also need to consider your brand position and how you want to reflect that in the design of your expo display.

When designing your expo display, always keep your audience in mind and focus your advertising towards their wants and need, it’s no good targeting your advertising at an audience that was never going to buy from you anyway.

Your expo display should take advantage of all the booth space you’ve been allocated. If you have the ability to go high consider displaying your signage and logo across the exhibition hall by:

  • Building on a tall central tower
  • Creating a high arch for your display area
  • Using a top truss with a rotating sign

Ensure there are no barriers or obstructions on entering your display,this will help with the flow. You can always hold meetings with your staff at the back of the display. Remember – less is more so make sure your wording is to the point, you don’t need to use full sentences if a single word gets your message across. The use of action verbs can be eye-catching and quite effective. Use fonts that are large enough to be seen from a distance and place all your text at the top half of the display, so it’s not blocked by people in the display area.

Use the right images to convey your ideas quickly, As the saying goes,*a picture paints a thousand words* is true when designing your expo display. Before you get to your exhibition take time to plan the design, your booth is potentially what new customers see as they approach, so it is important to make a good first impression.

Grab their attention on the inside of your expo display. Today there are dozens of great eye-catching options to use to help bring customers to your booth.

Use colours well. The colour of your stand is important as different colours provoke different emotional responses. You want to choose a colour scheme that is striking so you can stand out, but still be inviting, all while remaining true to your branding and marketing colours, but if you have time re-think your colour choices.

Portable displays are handy and can be customised to fit the needs of the booth and space allocated, plus they are easy to transport.

Think about your flooring, carpet can be hard to stand on, and it may not match well with your display. Bring your own colour matched flooring to make the space look and feel more comfortable, your staff will find it nicer to stand on too!

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