How to set up your media walls

Media walls – or photo walls are an important part of any major event. Think of those photo opportunities! A well-designed media wall is a great marketing tool, it enhances your event’s theme, encourages photo opportunities, lets you brand your event and most importantly it can also promote sponsors easily.

Unfortunately, it can go wrong – unflattering lighting, too many logos and even misplaced designs. There is always the potential for your media wall to be a flop.

Here’s how you can ensure your media wall will be the belle of the ball:

  • Keep your media wall simple, it should be designed to create a great first impression. The key is to have a media wall that brands your event and provides exposure for your sponsors, don’t over complicate the design with too many logos or graphics. Less is more, keep it simple and basic.
  • Use your media wall to put the spotlight on your brand or sponsors.
  • When setting up your media wall it’s important to choose the right location. Install it at either an entrance or a spot that is receiving a lot of *foot traffic*, this way you capture everyone’s attention as they enter. Photo walls, or media walls look great as a backdrop and are perfect at red carpet events – they can help direct your audience where to go. They can also be a great feature at the entrance way to your awards night, conference or dinner.
  • Position your media wall carefully. Make sure there is enough light – in addition to a photographer’s flash. The life of your media wall will extend for longer through photography so make it count! If your media wall is being installed against a wall make sure it has proper backing, that it has been set up correctly and has all the safety fixtures needed. If your media wall is self-standing don’t forget to use sandbags on the floor for extra safety and stability. You don’t want your media wall remembered as the one that fell over.
  • If you really want to create a lasting impression why not theme or dress up your media wall? You could consider using fake grass, flower pots, vertical gardens, corrugated iron for an industrial/rustic or country look.
  • Add some props, depending on the purpose of your event, try adding some fun props to encourage any *camera shy* people to get involved, it will make for a unique photo opportunity and people will be more likely to share photos on social media if they are in character – this helps expose your brand to more people.


Don’t use any unflattering lighting, for example, don’t project a blue light onto your media wall as it can distort faces in photos and is generally unflattering. Use a soft, white light instead. It’s a good idea not to use down-lights, as well as they, cast unflattering shadows over peoples faces, instead use up lights as they cast a nice light on your logo making it stand out.

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