Inflatable Arches

Inflatable Arches

Inflatable Arches are a versatile advertising solution, available in a wide range of sizes and specifications. We offer a full printing service on both sides of the arch!

  • Inflatable Arches are a versatile advertising solution, available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, suitable for marking the Start / Finish line of athletics or race events, or they can simply be used outside of a business to promote a product or brand. Our bold, eye-catching designs stand out from a distance and will give your business or event maximum exposure.

    What options are available? We have a few different material options to choose between – see the ‘Material Options’ tab for more info. You’ll also need to choose between our Sealed Air and Constant Air specifications. Sealed Air models have a valve and will stay inflated for up to 24hrs, whereas Constant Air models need to be connected to a power outlet at all times. See ‘Air Options’ for more information.

  • Aside from choosing the size and colour, one of the most important things to decide is whether you want a sealed air or non-sealed air model.

    Sealed Air – these units take a few minutes longer to inflate, but feature a very durable air tight inner tube with a secondry outer layer, meaning that once the Arch has been inflated it can be left in place for anything up to three days without the need for a constant air supply. Ideal for events or exhibitions where you’ll be set up for a number of days. (only available on certain size models).

    Non Sealed – a non-sealed Arch can inflate in less than 45 seconds. They require constant power from a 240v power source, and are kept inflated by a quiet but powerful fan integrated at the base of the legs. Larger models may require an external fan.

  • 420D Nylon
    A lightweight material that makes the arch easy to transport and handle, but not as strong or as durable as our other material options. A great value option if you are only doing one or two events a year. Only available in Constant Air.

    600D Nylon
    A heavy weight material with a matte finish that looks and feels extremely high quality. Still easy to handle and transport, and can be set up by two people. This material does not have a glossy surface so whilst many customers say it looks the best, it is slightly harder to keep clean if used in muddy areas. This material is designed for regular outdoor use. Available in both Sealed Air and Constant Air.

    0.45mm Tarpaulin
    A strong, heavy duty 0.45mm PVC tarpaulin. Only available as a Constant Air model, this arch requires a blower to be permanently attached to keep the Arch inflated. It is easy to keep clean, and will stand up to wear and tear. Only available in Constant Air.

    0.6mm Tarpaulin
    A very strong, durable heavy weight tarpaulin that is our strongest and most durable material option which is also capable of locking in air once inflated. It is easy to keep clean, and will stand up to wear and tear. High quality expert seam welding created an air tight seal, meaning the arch will remain inflated for over 24hrs!

  • Tethered Arches require the use of strapes & stakes to secure the arch in place.

    Standard Tethered Apex Tethered Rectangular Tethered Curved Tethered

    Free Standing Arches stand alone by themselves. It is still recommended to use strapes & stakes in high wind conditions.

    Standard Free Standing Apex Free Standing Rectangular Free Standing Curved Free Standing
  • Every Arch package comes complete with:

    – Full custom printing to both the front and the rear
    – The correct spec electric pump or blower needed to inflate the Arch
    – Tie down ropes and heavy duty steel stakes
    – A carry bag
    – 1 Year Warranty