Inflatable Furniture

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This modern line of custom inflatable furniture for trade shows and sporting events mixes comfort with a high-end design to bring the right attention to your brand and create memorable entertainment at all your events. Explore new heights of branding and exposure that will surely leave a lasting impression.  Whether it is a small event or a large event, this unique line of branded inflatable furniture will provide an enjoyable ambiance and help you connect with the people.

  • Our range of inflatable furniture includes ottoman, chair , table  & couch. Apart from the obvious fun-factor of inflatable furniture, it has clear advantages over conventional furniture. The products are compact to store and transport, easy to carry and, on average, can be set-up in minutes. Instead of needing a large van to fit in your furniture, with inflatable desks, inflatable tables and even inflatable beds you can fit everything you need into back-pack sized packages.

    Inflatable Ottoman / Chair / Couch / Bench Seat / Table 

  • High quality Inflatable furniture manufactured from 0.35mm TPU with a full colour sublimation printed tension fabric cover. This exceptionally well designed, comfortable and eye-catching Premium furniture will stand out in any event or trade show environment!

    Inflatable Ottoman – 68 x 68 x 38cm

    Inflatable Ottoman

    Inflatable Chair  – 76 x 95 x 80cm

    Inflatable Chair

    Inflatable Couch – 160 x 100 x 90cm

    Inflatable Couch

    Inflatable Bench Seat – 200 x 190 x 40cmD

    Inflatable Bench Seat

    Inflatable Table – 100 x 85 x 42cm

    Inflatable Table

  • Every Inflatable Furniture comes complete with:

    – Full custom printing cover
    – TPU material inflatable furniture
    – A carry bag
    – Optional LED light