Our exhibition display options Part 2

Wild Cow Visual has a range of exhibition display systems to suit your needs.

The 3X3 booth package is available in 18 different styles or options. Every booth needs a back wall, and these back walls are slim, with a portable fabric in a rectangular shape just under 3m, to add some shape there is a cut out at the top and sides, or, you can opt for a wall that curves around at the sides. You can pair your wall with some matching sides or, if you really want to make a splash, imagine seeing your branding over an archway, stand up banners, a podium, some shelving or even a table and chairs.

These stunning slimline exhibition displays are available in a range of finishes, shapes and sizes, they look amazing and are lightweight, extremely portable and easy to set up. Wild Cow Visual always think outside the box and with so many packages available we can help design a package that’s right for you. If the stock sizes are too small for your needs, we can custom build any stand size to meet your requirements.

3X3 booth packages are fully customisable, and if you are looking for a large exhibition display that is affordable, slimline, lightweight, but robust that you can set up in minutes without needing tools, the 3X3 booth stands are for you. These light stands consist of a light aluminium frame zipped inside a wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric graphic print. All exhibition stands can be reconfigured or extended which is perfect for a business that is growing or for those who exhibit regularly and want to give a new look and feel to their display by changing the design, layout or size. You can link two or more kits together thanks to linking graphic panels or adaption kits this makes them not only portable and simple to install but you have the option of combining display sections or using them separately.

The 6X3 booth packages are available in 28 different styles, and, when you have a slightly larger booth, you have more room to move. This also means you now have the option to add more elements to your display, not only to the walls but to your floor space as well. Why not have a back wall of different heights to make your booth more interesting, or, at the front an inflatable arch will really have your audience curious.

As with the 3X3 booths these larger exhibition systems are slimline, lightweight, affordable, easy to transport and install. They can also be extended or reconfigured to suit your needs, and you can link kits together using adaption kits or connecting graphic panels allowing you to change the size, design or layout of your display. The 6X3 booth stands are fully customisable.

There is even a larger – over 6m booth package that allows you to create zones within your booth – an area for introducing your audience to your product, a space for sales or refreshments, if you have lots of customers, it will make your business seem more appealing.

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