Sequin Walls

Sequin Wall Sequin Wall Panel

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Stunning sequin walls that will bring your displays or events to life


  • Real sequins, assembled by hand onto interlocking boards that will create spectacular, high-resolution images or dazzling displays


  • No big, heat-pressed pinheads or massive plastic blobs – ours are super-tiny and moulded into our boards to make them virtually invisible


  • Each shimmer wall boards measure 30cm x 30cm, therefore 49 boards cover 2.1m x 2.1m wall


  • Boards are available in black colour only. Our boards are suitable for interior and exterior use and are pre-scored, so easily cut to any shape. 


  • Super-fast assembly and delivery process – we even have stock colours that can be delivered in just 7 days


  • Easy application to your existing wall which sequins of various sizes are hung. Depending on your requirements, we can also provide free-standing frames completely finished panels covered with our sequin boards, ready for hanging or other types of installation


  • Each sequin is 30mm in diameter, made of metallised polymer film. A wide variety of non-metalized finishes are also available


  • We are also able to offer custom solutions if you have a creative idea that you want brought to life.