• The WCV slimline shelving displays create an instant Retail Pop-Up Store. Allow you to create multiple configurations and add-on shelves, garment bars, monitors, lights and more. Lightweight aluminium poles with bungee cord snap together to create the base framework, then slide on the pillowcase-like graphic over the frame and zip it closed at the bottom. The zipper is hidden from view and tightens up the stretched fabric graphic for a smooth image. Available in Single or Double-sided Prints.

    Slimline Display Shelving


    • Fast, easy set-up (slip & zip)
    • Effective way to feature merchandise at trade show
    • Portable and lightweight
    • Create instant 3-D look
    • Available 6 styles
    • Travel case includes
  • Using Templates:

    Guidelines Click Here 

    It is highly recommended that you use a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator to setup artwork. This ensures that the designer can view layers and guide lines within the templates for proper artwork placement.

  • Every Accessories comes complete with:

    – Slimline display frame
    – A carry bag