Slimline Media Displays

Slimline Media Walls lightweight, cost-effective. The aluminium frame is labelled and snaps together for fast, uncomplicated assembly. Full colour printed on single or double side of the fabric, and the graphics slip easily over the frame.​​​

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Media wall display stands are increasingly popular in the display marketplace, as they are lightweight, cost-effective and impactful, making it easy to draw people in, reach your audience, or help people to find you or your company. Fabric roll display stands, like ours, are becoming popular alternatives to the traditional pop-up stand and banner stand because of their ease of setup and portability. If you’re looking for an eye-catching addition to your next event, look no further than our media wall range. Wildcow visual offers Slimline media walls, Pop-up stand, media walls, Fabric frame system and hanging displays.


Most of our slimline media walls measure 2.21 meters tall and range in width from one to ten meters, creating an impact that smaller displays just can’t achieve and helping you to get your message across quickly and effectively. Our backdrops are perfect for trade shows, events, retail advertising, marketing activation, exhibitions, and award shows, among many other applications.

All of our backdrops offer quick and easy setup large-format graphics-each package comes complete with your slimline display frame, single-sided print fabric display graphic (double-sided printing is also available), and a carry bag for your convenience. The graphics are full-colour and dye-sublimated to make sure your design looks vibrant, never flat or faded.


The ultra-light aluminium frame is labelled so you can easily follow the instructions to snap it together for fast, uncomplicated assembly. No tools are required for assembly, so you’ll never be caught having to make a last-minute run out to the hardware store while setting up your display. The fabric slips easily over the frame and zips along the bottom to ensure a snug fit that’s not going to fold or ripple while displayed. The lightweight and versatile display has a replaceable and interchangeable tension fabric.


You can also choose whether you’d like your display to be straight, curved or wavy. In each case we include a frame that will make your display follow the straight or curved line for the desired effect. Each style has a different effect on the display-a curved or wave frame, for example, can be used to help create depth in your design for the display. If your display image were a car going through a tunnel, choosing a curved frame in which the back of the banner is furthest away from the viewer will help to really make it look like the car is moving away from the viewer and into the tunnel, which can be a very neat effect.


If you’re thinking about opting for one of our slimline fabric display stands, it is highly recommended that you use a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator to set up your artwork. This will ensure that our designer can view layers and guidelines within the template to properly place the artwork on the display.

Whether you are creating a setup for a trade show or an experiential marketing event in a shopping mall, a slimline media wall display is a simple, cost-effective, and eye-catching way to promote your business or cause.