Portable Fitting Room
  • Portable Fitting Rooms are customised with your graphics both outside and inside. Popular with fashion shows, sporting events, pop up retail outlets and more. The benefit of this portable booth is not only to get changed but to promote your brand.

    Portable Fitting Rooms break down in their own carry case which can fit in the backseat of the car.
    They are lightweight and have their own carry case. Optional double sided print available.

    Available size :

    120cm x 120cm x 220cm high

    Custom Size Available

  • Fast, easy set-up (slip & zip)
    Portable and lightweight
    Singe or double sided graphic print
    Travel case includes
    Size available: 120cm x 120cm x 180cmH or 120cm x 120cmx 228cmH
    Custom Sizes available

  • Using Templates:

    Guidelines Click Here

    It is highly recommended that you use a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator to setup artwork. This ensures that the designer can view layers and guide lines within the templates for proper artwork placement.

  • Every package comes complete with:

    – Slimline fitting frame
    – Single or double sided print fabric display graphic
    – A carry bag