Some display accessories

Wild Cow Visual have an amazing range of expo displays and accessories, and this allows you to combine different products, so your booth stands out from the crowd at marketing events, expos and trade shows. With custom printed and portable expo displays, you can enhance your company’s presence wherever you are. Set up is fast, you’ll have your display up in no time. Expo displays are designed to help you reach your goals by catching the attention of those attending, drawing them to your booth to find out more

Affordable, high-quality products from Wild Cow Visual are made to last, with an impressive range of accessories for your expo display.

Printed table covers/table throws: available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft sizes, table covers are perfect for trade shows, conventions, pop-up tents and more. Three-or four-sided table covers can be loose or stretched to cover the front of your table and can be manufactured to fit any size table. Promotional covers are machine washable allowing you to use them time and time again.

Printed chair/seat covers: pack a punch, chair and seat covers are perfect for use at event marketing, stadiums and theatre audiences, it puts your brand front and centre when clients are arriving and leaving. There is not another marketing tool that gives your business this level of exposure.

Stretch fabric display counters: such a clever and compact design that pops out to form an exhibition counter in seconds, perfect for when there is the need for a display table. Quick and easy to assemble you have a useful table in just seconds.

Slimline info desk counter: portable, lightweight and assembles in seconds, perfect for displaying product information, or filling out paperwork. The counter is made from a durable aluminium frame with laminated countertops and shelving with dye sublimation graphic prints.

Tablet display stand: made with a pure aluminium tube frame, fabric graphic and tablet holder this stand is an elegant alternative to a more traditional tablet stand. Easy to assemble and dismantle with a zippered pillowcase fabric graphic that can be slipped onto the frame and fitted tightly within minutes.

Tablet and brochure display stand: a great way to deliver your message and to have clients interact is with a combined brochure holder and tablet stand. Assemble the frame, cover it with the stretch fabric graphic and you have an eye-catching stand that maximises your brand’s exposure.

Tablet, TV and brochure display stand: a great display for engaging with your customers and clients at trade shows, expos and marketing events, combining a brochure stand with a TV and tablet allows you to get your message out there without wasting valuable stand space.

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