The benefits of opting for a full display set

One of the simplest ways to brand your exhibition stand is by using media walls at your Sydney events. These massive backdrops can be anything from 3m to 6m, and they have a substantial visual impact. They can be seen from any part of the room, and they offer a distinct signature look. However, because it’s so easy to do, every brand at the event will use the same technique.

If you’d like to stand out, try something a little different. Be more adventurous with your expo displays and select an option that will truly attract the attention of your sales prospects. A full display set will do nicely. It contains your standard media wall, but it also has an arch, podium, shelving, and furniture. Everything is branded to your specifications.


Unlike the standard backdrop, our exhibition displays have backdrops made of flexible fabric. It can be used in ordinary rectangular design, or it can be curved to form walls and sidings. The backdrop can also be cut out into the shape and style of your desire. We have pre-designed set-ups, but you can mix-and-match elements to suit your styling needs.

For our template displays, we have 18 three-metre options and 28 six-metre options. You can use these pieces to design complete booths, open-air set-ups, faux reception spaces, or even ‘roofed’ shops complete with a cashier table for portable card payments.


The usual media wall is a flat or angled banner placed behind your stand, but a full display can be curved and manipulated into a ‘room’ in minutes. The fabrics are supported by aluminium framing that can be set up and dismantled almost instantly, so you can move your display booth from venue to venue.

Because the elements of your display booth can be broken up and folded away, they require minimal storage space and can easily be transported. Every piece is lightweight, and they’re available in both standard and customisable options. There are even inflatable portions that can be blown up or let down at will. And don’t worry, the material isn’t easy to pierce.


At Wild Cow Visual, we’re all about environmental viability, so our plastics, metals, and fabrics can be recycled once you’re done with them. However, it will be a while before you’ve maxed out your usage. Even though they may seem light, our display booth components are designed for longevity.

The printed portions don’t scratch or scrape, and they can withstand ultraviolet rays, heat, wind, and rain. Also, once you buy the basic framework, you don’t need to replace it. If you have a new event or you need to revamp your message, you can simply reskin your booth using a fresh set of printed fabric, which is way cheaper than buying a new display.

Aside from roofs and walls, our display units can be designed to include a branded floor. With all these tools and display parts, your booth can be anything from a portable kitchen to a multimedia catwalk, so if you’re feeling a little limited, give us a shout, and we’ll show you how our full display can widen your event horizons.


To order your full display set, call Wild Cow Visual today on 1300 087 355.


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