Tips for Banner Selection in Melbourne

When you’re walking through the streets or driving around town, you’re often surrounded by a forest of advertising banners. Subconsciously, you tune most of them out, because you’re so used to seeing them. But every once in a while a banner will grab your attention. You’ll spend a few seconds glancing at it, and if it makes enough of an impression, you’ll retain some of that information.

The next time you’re shopping for a related product or service, you’ll find yourself reaching for the brand on that banner, and you won’t even know why. From a brand perspective, you want your banner to be the one that gains the interest of prospective customers. For your advertising message to stand out, you need a well-designed advert, a prime location, and a high quality advertising medium. But with so many banner companies out there, how do you make that choice?

High-resolution printing

We all have camera phones now, so you’ve probably had a bad experience with pixellation. You take a gorgeous photo or an amazing selfie, and then you try to share it. You might copy it into an email, paste it on a PowerPoint deck, print it out, or attach it to a social media account. But it comes out annoyingly blurred. The same thing can happen with banners.
When your graphics are printed, they might be pixelated when you blow them up to big sizes or blurred when you make them too small. Ideally, you want to use one graphic and have it produced in multiple sizes, from desktop decals to digital billboards. A good printer will work with your image to produce hi-res printing that works across platforms.

Variety in banner types

Similarly, you want an agency that offers lots of different banner types. Media walls, retractable banners, portable pieces, flags, and much more. It’s so much easier if you can get all your banner requirements at a single location. You want an agency that has the capacity to produce massive outdoor formats as well as pocket-sized stickers.

Another factor is banner design. Even if you have an in-house graphic designer, it can be cumbersome to adjust banner sizes for various displays. If your banner agency can provide templates with pre-set sizes where you can simply insert your graphics, it makes your work a lot easier, saving man-hours, which then saves you money.

Good customer service

No matter how good a product or service is, there will always be moments when you need help. Look for a banner company that is friendly and available for queries. The trouble with many technology companies is they unintentionally patronise customers who might not be familiar with their processes.

Look for a company with an excellent front-facing team, the kind that will be patient and willing to walk you through the bits you don’t understand. This is crucial because banners often require a lot of minor changes and last-minute adjustments, especially in high-pressure situations like the night before a big event, or the run-up to a trade exhibition. You’ll already be under a lot of pressure, so you want a partner that will help ease it, not make it worse.

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