Using Promotional Flags Effectively

In the past few years more and more businesses are using custom flags to promote their business, product, service or event. It’s hard to ignore those brightly coloured flags flapping about in the wind. If you are a business owner and you want to promote a product or service, or, you have an event coming up, you should consider using a well-designed promotional flag for your marketing campaign.

Today there are a range of flag styles you can choose from, some of the most popular styles include –

    • Traditional Flags – These are perfect for anyone who is on a budget and remains an effective way to market your business or event. These basic flags allow you to get your message out there, reaching your audience without spending a lot.


    • Teardrop Flags – These are named for their quirky shape. They can be used both inside and outside and are good even in windy conditions. Unlike traditional flags, teardrop flags are not easily affected by strong winds, and thanks to their unique shape and design, they won’t wrap around the pole they are attached too, even in the strongest winds.


Things to consider when creating your custom flags

There are several things to consider before you finalise the design of your flag. Some of these factors can affect the cost of your flag, so take everything into account so you get everything you need – at a price you can afford.

    • Colours – The overall cost of your flag can depend on the type of printing you choose, and, the number of colours you use.


    • Size – When it comes to designing and creating your flag size is important. The overall size of your flag will depend on how big, or how small you want your logo or image to be. If you want the image to be noticeable and detailed, it’s recommended that you choose a bigger flag for better visibility.


    • Material – The type of material you choose can affect your flags cost and appearance. When choosing the type of material – consider whether you are using them inside or outside. If placed outside are they going to be heavily affected by the weather? Remember that different materials provide different benefits.


  • One side, or both sides? – When it comes to flags, you can choose between single, or double-sided flags. One-sided flags are generally printed on a one ply material that allows the colour to bleed through and be noticeable on both sides. Double-sided flags are created using three layers of material. The graphics are printed on the two outer layers, while the inner layer of fabric is there to stop the colours from bleeding through.

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