What are The Advantages of Trade Show Displays?

A pop-up display is a great addition to your marketing kit especially at trade shows, and they are fast becoming a popular fixture. Pop up displays are great for using in smaller spaces and, when designed effectively they can hold their own against neighbouring larger trade show booths that seemed to be filled with exciting things. Pop up displays often cost less which makes them a popular trade show option.

How using a pop-up display at your next trade show can benefit you:

  • They don’t take up a lot of valuable space and with bold graphics, pop up displays can make just as much of an impact as larger displays. They say, less is more and if you maximise your space by opting for a clean, streamlined approach, with your employees standing just outside the display, it can create the appearance of a much larger display.
  • Pop Up displays have been designed to pop-up without too much assembly, and because everything fits together so well, one person can set up the display, which saves you time and money.
  • You can add practically anything to your display, shelving, tablet and media centres, shelf display counters and so much more. Add some pizzazz to your display and stand out from your competition.
  • Pop up displays are affordable and are cost effective, being less elaborate with simple designs allows your designer to work on larger more extravagant displays such as a media wall. With so many products available to use at a trade show you can pick and choose a combination that suits your budget perfectly.
  • As with any exhibition or trade show, you need to communicate your brand effectively and clearly in a way that engages and excites your audience. Pop up displays have limited space, so your message needs to be concise, focused and targeted. All aspects of your display need to work together.
  • An exhibition booth at a trade show allows you to tell your story, which is more than just the history of your business. Having a consistent image at different events allows you to communicate a clear message about your business.
  • Help support your sales team, the advertising at your trade show booth is simply reinforcing what your staff are saying, it reinforces your message to your customers. All the other sales and marketing materials in your trade show display will also reinforce the message that is being presented.
  • Exhibition booths allow you to generate more business opportunities. You are not only attracting new visitors who may become potential customers, you are also generating new business leads. By meeting directly with your customers and other businesses, ideas for new products or services will emerge.
  • Exhibition displays allow you to introduce a new product or service. You now have the outlet to show your visitors what your new product or service does, and how it can benefit them. By presenting new information you are able to convey all the important information about your product to ensure your customers have a clear understanding of what your product can do.
  • Trade shows give your business the chance to stand out. An exhibition that has been well designed will put your name out there. Your booth and related advertising are now answering the top questions in a visitor’s mind – Why What and How?
  • Your trade show display acts as a meeting place. Depending on your layout your booth can become a meeting place for you and your customers.
  • A well-designed trade show display can last for many trade shows throughout the year, which makes a pop up display a cost-effective marketing tool. You can set the configuration of your display to adapt it to each and every event you attend.


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