Why businesses love our full-modular display package

There’s a saying in the real estate industry: build it, and they will come. Of course it usually refers to residential property, office spaces, and entertainment complexes like studios and malls. However, ‘they’ won’t come if they don’t know where ‘it’ is. You could put up the most gorgeous luxury villa or hi-tech mall, but you won’t get customers or tenants if they don’t know where you’re located, or if they’re unaware that you exist.

A similar effect can be observed in any business enterprise. No matter how good your products or services are, you won’t make any sales if your customers don’t know about you. Trade fairs and exhibitions are a good way to gain visibility and introduce yourself to prospects. They’re convenient, structured, and available.

Stand out from the crowd

The pre-set expectations of outdoor events make them an easy marketing choice. All you have to do is book your slot early, pay your deposit, and prepare your pop-up stand for the duration of the event. If your marketing department plans it right, you could attend different festivals, expos, or trade shows every quarter. Maybe even every month, budgets allowing.

The usual format is to set up a massive backdrop then use a variety of flags and banners to brand your stand. Have some free samples and maybe offer packages at discount prices. You also need a way to gather customer contact details so you can follow up with them later. You might request their emails to send them coupons, or have them post on your social media.

Bring your business to them

Still, this cookie cutter model has its downsides. Every other business at the venue will have copy-pasted this approach, so it’ll be hard to stand out. You could make your booth more colourful and exciting with music and entertainment, but it’s still likely to be drowned in all the noise. Another alternative is to bring your shop to the people.

Instead of a simple media wall in Melbourne, consider recreating your office lobby or store front. Wild Cow Visual has a specialist line of exhibition displays that includes 6 metre slimline custom wall. It’s twice the size of a regular media wall, and is far more versatile in terms of customisation – it can be rectangular, curved, or cut-out in varying shapes, heights, and widths. Optional additions include desks, podiums, and temporary shelves.

Shop away from shop

The slimline comes as part of a booth package unit. You get inflatable furnishings that can be tailored to suit your brand, whether you want entry arches or playful settings. The booth is set up using tubular aluminium frames that can be constructed into any shape or style, from a restaurant set-up to a miniature motorway. The booth also includes fabric banner printing in full colour.

The beauty of Wild Cow Visual exhibition booths is you only need to buy them once, then you can adjust the graphics and reskin them for other expos. You can even rearrange the set-up to create a whole new style. Our booths can be set up in minutes, and their lightweight construction makes them fully portable.


To get your very own full-modular display, call Wild Cow Visual today on 1300 087 355.


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