Why You Should Consider Having a Media Wall at Your Next Event

What is the one thing you always notice in almost all high-profile events? Media walls! Check out any celebrity or sportsperson online, and you see photos of them standing in front of a media wall, covered with logos. From charity events, award nights to press releases, media walls are truly becoming indispensable in public events. You might be wondering whether media walls are for celebrity events alone. No, almost any occasion can make use of a media wall. Media walls are designed according to the personal needs of the organisers.

Why Add Media Walls?

In simple terms, it’s all about making the best out the situation. When there is a public event, you want it to have the best publicity; media walls offer you the opportunity to make that happen. Below are just a few of these ways.

Brand Marketing

Like business strategists always say, one aspect of your business that should never sleep is marketing. It must start with the business and remain alive. A media wall is a great option to set the ball rolling for small brands that are just trying to make it in the industry they belong to. You can do yourself and your guests a favour by introducing your brand to them through a media wall. Utilise media walls and make a memorable statement. A great option for this would be the Backlit Pop Up Fabric Display option.

Makes The Venue More Valuable

When you look at the real estate sector, the use of accent walls to improve aesthetics adds value to the property. This is the same for media walls. As you use them, you add more value to the events and the venue. There are all different sizes available from Wild Cow Visual. So, you don’t have to go with the size or shape everyone is using; you can get the one that is custom suits you.

Event or Product Promotion

The event itself needs promotion and warrants a lot of attention particularly if it is an event you want to organise regularly either weekly, monthly or yearly. One of the great ways you can increase the notability of the event is by using media walls. They offer an amazing opportunity for you to put anything you are promoting right in front of attendees, organisers, and journalists in an eye-catching manner. You should allow guests to take pictures in front of the walls so that the publicity, promotion, and project of your event can be as high as possible.

Promotion of Sponsors

It is always expected of anyone or organisations hosting an event to thank their sponsors. An excellent way to express gratitude to your sponsors is by putting their logo on a media wall. It is a simple but efficient way of acknowledging them.

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