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Backlit Fabric Display Counter

Backlit Fabric Display Counter


This Backlit Fabric Display Counter helps to give you the edge when vying for others' attention. The internal lighting gives you a visual pop that is certain to set you apart from the booth next door. A slick white countertop rests on top of the pop-up style frame that sets up in minutes. Your custom-printed fabric silicone-edged graphics (SEG) wrap around the front and sides of the counter to deliver a smooth, square appearance. The back also features your custom-printed design, allowing you to craft a cohesive look no matter which direction you're coming from.

The curtain of LED lights quickly and easily hook onto the pop-up style frame in seconds. No tiny screws. No cumbersome connectors. No hassle. When you're finished with your show, everything packs in a soft wheeled carry bag.

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